Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shaklee Webinars

Hi everyone!! There will be a webinar tonight about the Shaklee opportunity!!! This is a great way to learn about what we do and how we do it! We have a great company with amazing leaders. I love that I can work my business from home, around my kid's schedules which are crazy busy by the way!! I can't say enough about the opportunity Shaklee give us! The chance to win trips, car payments, and just money in general! How would you like to earn $100,000 in 15 months? Sounds good right, well it can be done with Shaklee. Now I want to stress that this is NOT a get rich quick trick! It is a job, you are going to have to put the time into it and you will get it back! Contact me if you are interested in joining us tonight at 9pm CST. and I will send you a link to get you registered for the webinar. Hope to talk to you soon!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mean People...Bite Me!!

OK so I had every intention today of posting something else, but had to get this off my chest! So the other day I was delivering something and as I was talking to a person she made this nice comment to me (heavy sarcasm)... "Are you pregnant again?" OK you want to know something to say to really get into a person's head... THAT!! Yes I realize that it has been 9 months since Madi was born! Yes I realize that the baby weight is not gone! And yes the exercise has been sporadic at best!  But really??
People if you can't say anything nice DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!
Can I just ask what would posses someone to ask that, I have never asked anyone that for fear that maybe they are not.
I am the first to admit I am not the healiest person on the planet, that being said I am also not the worst either! I eat my fruits and veggies, I cook a good meal for the family (most nights). Yes I know I need to stop drinking the soda that I do. And I am in the clothes I was in before I was pregnant (with baby 4 not baby 1!) Yes I want to lose the weight too but sometimes its just not that easy.
 Please be nice to people! I love the Will Smith comment below I think he puts it perfectly!

OK So sorry for my rant but needed to get that out! 
Have a great Wednesday!!!