Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making the Move

If you have read my profile one of the things listed that I said I would be talking about was my daughters gluten issues and making the move to changing our eating habits to help her. I have been reading "The G Free Diet" by Elizabeth Hasselbeck and to say it has rocked my world is probably an understatement! It has completely changed the way I look at pretty much everything we buy for our home. There is so much out there that contains gluten or toxins that its SCARY!!

I have come to the realization after thinking I would just run into the grocery store to get a few things that we had run out of... yeah right! Reading labels has to become my new normal, not just when I was on a diet. Anyway 45 minutes later I walked out with WAY less than I went in for. I know our overall health will benefit but I just needed to vent that this is not an easy change, it will take time but I am committed to making it! Not only for my health but families. So if anyone is reading this and wants to comment on their healthy eating habits, tips or trick that would be great! Let me know I am not just talking to myself (which I may well be and I am OK with it) LOL.

Have a great Wednesday and I will be back soon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Organization is a mission

OK so I am kind of a neat freak, just ask my hubby. But I am OK with it and as he says its just a quirk that he loves me for!  Any way we have and issue with the shoes at our house (by we I mean me). They take them off and leave them there, not probably a big deal unless of course you want to exit the house or go to the basement to do laundry. So in other words they are there for me to trip over. Its a health hazard I tell you! So I am sitting here looking at IKEA for something completely different than shoe organization but stumble upon this...

Do you hear the angels singing?? Its a shoe cabinet!!!! This one would hold about 8 pair of adult shoes and probably 4 pairs of the boys little shoes in each box/ drawer.  Alright probably not a big deal to other people but I get excited about little things and if my house looks cleaning and less cluttered I am a very happy girl!

Are you a neat freak like me? Do you have shoe issues too? I hope I am not alone in this battle!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to Love the Crazyness! I hope you enjoy and come back often as I will be trying to post a few times a week.