Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We got a dog

Hey guys! Yep the title of this post pretty much sums it up, WE GOT A DOG! Well actually we are on the foster to adopt program through our human society. But here is our foster baby

Isn't he cute? He really is a good boy except for 1 little thing...he is a chewer!! He has chewed up everything he comes in contact with. Pillows, stuffed animals, toys, blankets, EVERYTHING!! I really don't want to take him back to the human society but what do I do? I can't just keep replacing the kids stuff and ours. Luckily he hasn't tried to chew my shoes (I might not be so nice if he did!)

If anyone has any ideas on this PLEASE let me know!!

On an up note it is getting the kids to realize they need to put their toys and stuff away! And to eat at the table not on the floor watching TV!!

But please HELP!

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