Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY Chalkboard calendar

Hey guys! How's your week going so far? 

Well I saw a picture on Pinterest when I clicked on the pic it was from Our fifth house (a great blog I love!) of this whole wall done in a calendar by chalk board paint and new I had to do it in my house! So off I went to Menards to get my supplies.

I used the following supplies:
Tape measure
painters tape
chalk board paint
cardstock paper
paint brush or roller

First of all I want to say that this is how we did it, My inspiration blog may have done it completely different!

So first I picked my wall... Please forgive my no wall picture, I see something, start something and then about step 2 or 3 go oh crap I should have taken a picture of the beginning of this project for the blog!

Anyway like most projects I find them the hubby helps or does the project. His next step was to divide the wall off as to where we wanted the tape (this is the time consuming part) it took about 1-2 hours for this part.

Then he taped it off. I helped a little for this part but if your not doing the measuring and marking it is hard to do the taping with out them.

Then I painted the whole thing. Like I told you earlier I find it and want to do it right now, so all I had on hand was a paint brush, rolling this would have been a lot easier and less time consuming! None the less I did it and without complaining! LOL

My husband is a horrible picture taker as you can see!

So I painted the whole thing and then I cut out the letters for the days on my cricut. While I did that Gary put tape on the boxes for the letters. Then we taped the letters up just long enough for him to cut around it with an exact o knife.

I then painted the boxes and let them dry.

The whole calendar did take 2 coats of paint but luckily it dries really fast that it doesn't leave you sitting around for too long.

Once that is done take the tape off and ta da a calendar wall.

Please don't feel overwhelmed by this project!! It is time consuming but other than the measuring and marking it is really pretty easy!

And so far it has worked out really well! I put every thing on here, our schedules, meal plans, nanny's hours. I LOVE IT!!! Yes it takes up a whole wall but it has helped to keep us so organized and the communication is great! I was notorious for keeping my calendar but then it never got relayed to my husband or kids. So I was having to take care of everything. Now he can see whats going on that week and much more willing and able to help!

Hope you have a great day!

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