Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Arrr! Its a Pirate Party!

Hey guys hows it going? Been crazy around here!

Last weekend we had my sons birthday party, he turned the big 6! I can't believe my little boy is six!

So about a month ago I asked him what kind of party he wanted this year, his choice...Pirate party!

So off I go to google pirate parties and WOW is there a ton. What a great theme.

Here is a run down of his party.

The birthday boy complete it his own costume.
 Isn't he cute!!
They ate lunch I meant to take a picture of the food we had but got caught up doing something else, so I will have to just tell you. We had shipwreck dogs (hot dogs), Sea weed salad (fruit), Cannon balls (cheese puffs), Cheesy Sea Shells (mac & cheese). They loved it!
 And jello ships, and cupcakes.  Below are the jello ships.

And if your children are goofy like mine then do this with the orange while eating it.
She was the treasure hunt leader/clue reader so she thought she needed a costume too.

My table scape was pretty simple, I got the table cloth at Target, put my plastic silverware into small mason jars and bunched up balloons, on top of fish netting. Then we had to have the pirate flag flying too.

 For games we did 4. We made oceans in a bottle, I saved plastic water bottles and filled them about 1/3 the way full with vegetable oil. Then I filled a pitcher with water and added some blue food coloring. Poor that in to the bottle. I left about an inch from the top so you had room for the water to move around. Then I let the kids add confetti, those glass rocks for fish tanks we had blue and green, and then I found these rubber fish, I think they were actually fishing lures without the hooks in them and they put 1 of those in there too. 

Then they did a treasure hunt around the house, the plan was to do this outside but it was COLD in Wisconsin and I wasn't sending the kids out there. So we improvised and did it inside, they had a map and clues as to where to go next, to collect their gold loot.   

The treasure hunt let them to the X were they found TREASURE!!! 
Each child was then blind folded and had to find 5 gold coins, a necklace, a ring and a jewel! They thought that was awesome!

Pin the patch on the pirate, pretty much just a pirate version of pin the tale on the donkey but it was cute watching them laugh at each other and how the patch didn't make it on the eye!

They "Walked the Plank" this game was a hit!  Not really sure why but they loved it! They all went once and then again and again, they were closing their eyes and trying not to fall off the board. It was too funny!

 Each of the kids got a goodie bag to put their loot in. Their loot included, their ocean in a bottle, treasure hunt coins, necklace, ring and jewel, and then we had them all dressed the part when they arrived with pirate sashes, swords, eye patches, pirate hats and beards for the boys or grown men as my husband demonstrates here...
It was a great party and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun!

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