Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Under my sink

Hey guys I am back for day 2 of our 31 days of getting stuff done!

So today I am going to show you the inside of the cabinet under my sink... please don't judge but it was a bit of a catch all before.

As you can see I just had a foot tub of sorts that was holding everything. I had to take the entire thing out every time I wanted to find something. Talk about a mess and taking forever!!

So this weekend I went to town on organizing this spot.

I LOVE how it came out.

As you can see in the 1st picture I was really only utilizing 1 side of the cabinet. Now I have things separated out. On the left side I got a cheap basket from the Dollar Tree and put the supplies I really only use once in a while. We only use the bottle brush once in a while now because we got a dish washer and this girl is no longer washing all the dishes!!! I LOVE that too!!!! Then in the grey caddy that I picked up at Good Will I put the cleaning supplies that I use in every room. These are most of my Shaklee supplies. I have the spray bottle of all purpose cleaner, the spray bottle of window cleaner and the bottle of Basic H. Then you can see I do also have our dish washer detergent in this one too just cause the spot for it was perfect it just fits right in there and I don't have to worry about knocking something else over this bag is all that goes in that spot. Then there are just some misc little brushes for getting in those nooks and cranny's that a rag just won't do.

Then on the right side I have our garbage bags. The kitchen ones on top because we use those more often and then our big trash bags we put out to the curb. We don't pay for our trash pickup through our property taxes so we pay by the bag. Then in the little tote to the right of that I have all our batteries. This is just for ease of use. I know where all the batteries are and if someone says we don't have any C batteries in here I know there are just none in the house and I need to pick some up. I am not looking all over for where I might have stored them. Then we have some light bulbs on top which by the way we now keep in the basement. And then behind that we have the fire extinguisher. I have never had to use it but just in case I know right where it is and I don't have to fight with a bunch of crap to get it out.

So here is a side by side of the before and after.

Much better huh? I love that I can now find things and everything down there has a spot to be put back and not just being left on the counter until I can put it back. The kids and the hubs know right where it goes now.

Do you organize under your sink?

Have a great Tuesday!!



  1. It feels so good to get areas like this organized! Under my kitchen sink is in sad shape...I use small baskets to keep things grouped together, but I'm starting to run out of space under there and need to purge some stuff. Great job with yours!

    1. Thank you Brooke! I does feel soooo good to get things cleaned up and organized. The under the sink area is so blah anyway it's nice to have that blue pop of color and it be nice and neat!